FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Q: What is a LightScribe disc, and will it play on my TV-top DVD player?

A: LightScribe CDR and DVDR media is just like standard recordable media, except that the top surface of the disc is specially coated so that the label image can be "burned" directly onto the disc. A LightScribe capable drive is NOT required to play it. Most modern DVD players and computer DVD drives will play DVD+R media. However, some very old DVD players/drives can only play DVD-R or commercially manufactured DVDs, and will reject DVD+R media. Please be sure that your drive/player is +R recordable media cabable before ordering.

Q: Do I have to do anything special to care for this disc?

A: As with all commercially manufactured and recordable media, avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Also, prolonged exposure to strong ultraviolet (UV) lighting, such as fluorescent, mercury vapor, etc. should also be avoided, to prevent fading of the label and deterioration of the recording surface.

Additionally, some types of CD/DVD "albums" with sleeves made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride - which has a strong "plastic" smell) may discolor the LightScribe label and should not be used to store LightScribe media. PVC sleeves have also even been known to stick to and remove commercial silk-screened CD/DVD labels when stored tightly in a warm environment for long periods, so best practice is to avoid PVC sleeves altogether.

Q: Are these the same videos I saw on YouTube.com?

A: For the most part, yes. Low-resolution, watermarked versions of most selections are available free onYouTube. The major Difference is that the DVD/Blue Ray disc contains the high-quality versions, with high-resolution video, no watermark, and CD-quality stereo sound.

Q: What is the "educator" discount and license, and how do I get them?

A: JCMDI wishes to help bring quality resources to students and educators alike, so a discount and special use license is available for qualified educators. To qualify, proof of employment in some form may be required. This may be as simple as providing a verifiable e-mail address at an educational institution where you work. Once verified, you will be provided with a special link to buy your copy(s) of the DVD for $3 less than the regular retail price. Any applicable tax on the actual sale price, and shipping charges still apply.

To qualify as an "educator", you must be employed or volunteered in a teaching or education position, and must NOT charge a fee of any kind to the students or "audience" for viewing the content of the DVD. Please contact us at the following email address: customerservice @ jcmdi.com to request educator status.

Like most purchased (licensed) intellectual property, this DVD can be viewed in a private home setting by any user. As a qualified educator, you may also show the DVD to a small audience of students (typically less than 100) in a classroom, auditorium or small theatre for non-profit, educational purposes only. In any case, the content may NOT be copied, published, broadcast, distributed or sold in any form.

e-mail contact: customerservice @ jcmdi.com