NoisivisioN Studios production: The Butterfly Movie: Flutter Serenade DVD
Release date: Nov. 2008 (NoisivisioN)
Number of videos: 1 [Total Playing time 25:00]



Watch a butterfly lay its eggs on the branch of a wild bush. See tiny caterpillars hatch, shed their skin and build cocoons or chrysalises. You'll witness first-hand the amazing process of metamorphosis, as right before your eyes a colorful butterfly or moth emerges -- and you'll be transformed, yourself. Set to the music of Felix Mendelssohn, this fascinating video is a beautiful tribute to the magic of nature.

This feature was produced and edited by Braddon Mendelson, featuring many time-lapse and real-time video sequences from the JCM Digital Imaging science collection.

The DVD is professionally manufactured/replicated on industry standard DVD media (not burned) for maximum quality and compatability with all DVD players, and packaged in an industry standard thin DVD case and shipped via USPS Mail. Online ordering is available in the JCMDI eStore! Please e-mail us prior to ordering if you are outside of the 48 contiguous US States.

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